A Partnership…

A Partnership can be observed from the vantage point wherein we behold a couple, who have, by mutual consent, made a unanimous decision to enter into a ‘hot tub full of bubbly, aromatic bath water’.  How nice.  How very sweet.  How utterly blissful.  But in time, we observe that the water has become sullied, and the ‘marriage’ ring of connectivity has morphed into a bathtub ring!!  Now, some folks may get irritated by how their sweetheart got the water dirty, forgetting that they too bathed in that same water.  And some bathtub participants want to throw out the babe with the bath water!  (low Emotional Quotient that day).  These folks may sometimes forget the Universe of Love that is within them.  A partnership is real work, probably the hardest work one may ever do, but it can be a work of total Love and Joy.  For your partner, as you, are both God and Goddess, expressions of the Divine Infinite which is a field of pure Love-Light.  So go forth in the Constant of Love, locate the drain plug, let go of stinkin’ thinkin’, fill up with fresh water and continue the sacred dance of Love with your darling.  And go to bed each night with a prayer on your lips of thanksgiving for your precious mate, and rise the next day with joy and gratitude for the realization of yet another day of ecstasy on this strange planet with your Divine Beloved Partner.Sacred Sexuality

Transmitted with Invincible Love, Light and Sensual Delight by Toresa Kayle Marlen and Zhantar Bews Marlen, Twin Flames, Adept Facilitators of the Awakening Process, Change Agents and Warriors of the Light.

Here’s an on-line article: “Sacred Sexuality” by Toresa & Zhantar for those of you who wish to gain a greater understanding of their work, their Couple’s Mission =


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